Copperhead Tonearm

Technical Specifications

Copperhead Wand - Reshape TM Shape Optimised Resonance Tuned Compound Curve Wand pioneered by Continuum Audio Laboratories.

Wands are interchangeable allowing you to rapidly interchange arm wands for quick cartridge changeovers (i.e Stereo to Mono)

Unique Azimuth Stabilised Bearing system (also found in the Cobra tonearm system).

The Sapphire Ring Swash plate rides on damped ABEC9 miniature precision bearings to stabilize the arm azimuth.

Primary Radial and Vertical Pivot is on a primary Sapphire Vee Jewel bearing with hardened stainless pivot.

Adjustable Azimuth: Azumth is adjustable and repeatable.

Adjustable VTA: Copperhead uses a 25mm central tower with a 40TPI Microscope Thread for ultra fine VTA adjustment. VTA is adjustable on the fly.

Low Mass Pivot design: No additional mass is placed over the pivot to improve the responsiveness of the bearing system.

The Copperhead is free of the inertial energy storage found in high mass bearing systems.

Ultra Rigid Central Tower: Located in a precision machined mounting collar with integrated locking collar.

This locking collar spreads the clamping load on the adjustable VTA shaft and prevents movement when locked. No point loads.

Precision Graduated Radial VTA Vernier Gauge: Allows for repeat VTA setting accurate to 1 arc minute (360 degree graduation).

4 mm adjustment at rear pivot equals 1 degree of Stylus Rake Angle adjustment. A complimentary VTA Vertical Scale Vernier allows for broad range calibration.

Large Scale Cartridge Weight Adjustment: By a simple addition/subtraction method with supplied washer kit this maintains the designed optimum effective mass relationship with a broad range of cartridges.

Small Scale Cartridge Weight Adjustment: By a precision set screw at the rear of the arm the ultra fine adjustment allows for +- 0.5 Grams in 0.001gram increments

Effective Length: (from stylus to pivot point) 239mm

Overhang: (from Stylus to spindle Centre) 17.3mm

Offset: (Headshell Offset in degrees) 23 Degrees

Cartridge Fixing Centres: 12.7mm for standard M2.5 socket head cap screws

Mounting Distance: (from pivot to spindle centre) 221.7mm

Arm Mount Hole Pitch: 76mm by 4 equidistant cardinal points for 4mm metric socket head cap screws.

Depth Below mounting surface: 40-50mm.

Copperhead Tonearm

Radial Clearance for Counterweight: 90mm

Clearance from plinth surface to top of arm mount: 150mm preferred for arm wire training.

Cartridge Weight Range: 0-20Grams - Adjusted by Mass Addition Subtraction of Supplied Weight Adjustment Kit. Fine tuned by 8 Gram sliding set screw for 0.001 Gram adjustment increments.

VTA Adjust:  Yes

Azimuth Adjust:  Yes

Horizontal Natural Frequency: 8-10Hz depending on cartridges

Vertical Natural Frequency: 8-10Hz depending on cartridges

NULL POINTS: 66.0mm Inner 120.8mm Outer

Audio Lead: Supplied with Copper Litz as 1.5 meter standard in our preferred configuration of single RCA Termination from Cartridge Clip to RCA Male Connector.

Other Arm leads are available and can be supplied on request. Other arm wires on request.

DIN Plugs: can be fitted as an optional extra.

Complete Arm Weight: 0.5Kg Nominal

Contact your dealer for more details.

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Technical Specifications

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