Caliburn Control Unit

Caliburn Control Unit

Computer Controlled

The Caliburn Control Unit is fully computerized motion control solution, able to manage all the parameters for speed, vacuum and hydrostatic bearing management.

It allows for precise adjustment of platter speed selectable at, 33, 45 and 78rpm (range from 68 to 84rpm manual).

The advanced motion control computer system monitors the motor spindle velocity and via specialized software algorithms maintains the platter speed constant per revolution and ensures there is no jitter between each revolution. This inter-revolution jitter is the cause of many sonic anomalies such as an overly etched/ analytical reproduction.

Belt Drive

It is a common misconception that a belt-drive system is less accurate than a direct-drive system.

However, a correctly designed motion control servo loop can harness the ratio of a small high-speed pulley driving a larger, higher platter mass to increase the precision of inter-revolution speed variations by a factor of 10:1 or greater.

In simple terms, a sensor that reads an encoded disk with 5000 lines, if placed on a platter spinning at 33rpm, will "see" less lines go by in one revolution of the platter than the same sensor, with 5000 lines, placed on a motor pulley which spins 300 times to achieve one platter revolution.

The simple math is, a higher speed pulley will use the magnification factor of the platter size to spindle size ratio to offer a much finer resolution of inter-revolution speed variations.

The Control Unit

The Caliburn Control Unit has the horse-power in computing terms to deliver the ultimate sonic performance by taking the guess work out of motion control.

It intelligently delivering smooth, jitter-free, power to the Caliburn's advanced motor technology.

The Audiophile Result

In musical terms, such obsession to motion control pays dividends in rendering pitch sensitive instruments, such as piano with stunning realism.

It also releases the musical cues which convey the sense of "being there".

The Caliburn Control Unit also controls the vacuum unit parameters and oil pressure system ensuring smooth bearing operation.

Control Unit

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