• Obsidian Turntable

    The Continuum Obsidian is the next evolution of turntable design.
  • Viper Tonearm

    The entire tonearm mechanism is designed for effortless, accurate adjustability.
  • Cobra Tonearm

    A complex shape and choice of materials demonstrates a departure from the norm in the available alternatives.
  • Copperhead Tonearm

    Named after a rare, highly venomous Australian snake, the Copperhead's design is musical.
  • Continuum LP

    The Art of Listening - Continuum Signoricci Vinyl, 45 rpm, 200g. Limited Edition 496 copies
  • Legacy: Caliburn Turntable

    Some may say that buying a turntable like this is an emotive choice not a rational decision,
    they also said the earth was flat.
  • Legacy: Criterion Turntable

    Stereophile Analog Product of the Year 2008: The Continuum Audio Labs Criterion Turntable and Copperhead Tonearm.


Jonathan Valin
The Absolute Sound
July/August 2017

“Through the Obsidian/Viper, all of it made lovely musical sense:… high resolution of the individual instruments playing syncopated counterpoint and adding timbral and dynamic accents, and bass that was fast, tight, and tuneful enough to make the tumbao clear and exciting.”

“It wasn’t just that Ochoa was being presented more clearly and distinctively—though he was. The difference was more profound than that. It was a newfound sense of…completeness—of hearing not just the voice but also the man. His baritone didn’t merely sound more sensuously throaty; it also sounded old, weathered, burnished by the years, making him sound more present, easier to picture in the mind’s eye, more completely “there.”

I realize this observation may seem banal. After all, all singers express something about their life experience through their vocal timbre and singing style. Nonetheless, through the Obsidian/Viper the sense of a more complete sonic picture—of hearing more of and about Ochoa and Ferrer—was unmistakable, remarkable, and extraordinarily lifelike.”

“Perhaps rather that excelling at a nonpareil level in one or more measurable or audible category, the Obsidian/Viper simply has a nonpareil blend of sonic virtues (low distortion, high resolution, rock-solid definition, neutral timbre, transient speed) that makes many voices and certain instruments sound more “complete.””

“…the Continuum Audio Obsidian/Viper is an extraordinary component, capable of a realism from the upper bass through the heart of the midrange that challenges even the best turntables I have in house. If you don’t have a hundred grand to spend on an analog front end (I squandered my last hundred on candy and cigarettes), I’d give a long listen to this round mound of sound. It comes highly engineered and highly recommended!”

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