• Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

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  • Obsidian Turntable

    The Continuum Obsidian is the next evolution of turntable design.
  • Viper Tonearm

    The entire tonearm mechanism is designed for effortless, accurate adjustability.
  • Cobra Tonearm

    A complex shape and choice of materials demonstrates a departure from the norm in the available alternatives.
  • Copperhead Tonearm

    Named after a rare, highly venomous Australian snake, the Copperhead's design is musical.
  • Continuum LP

    The Art of Listening - Continuum Signoricci Vinyl, 45 rpm, 200g. Limited Edition 496 copies
  • Legacy: Caliburn Turntable

    Some may say that buying a turntable like this is an emotive choice not a rational decision,
    they also said the earth was flat.
  • Legacy: Criterion Turntable

    Stereophile Analog Product of the Year 2008: The Continuum Audio Labs Criterion Turntable and Copperhead Tonearm.

Future Development

When we founded Continuum Labs with the purpose of building the best turntables ever created, we quickly realized that no one person had expertise sufficiently broad and deep to achieve what we desired. We needed not only audio experts, but materials scientists. Mechanical and electrical engineers. Industrial designers.

With this realization was born our “dream team” concept: orchestrating
the efforts of numerous people who are the very best in the world at their specialties. Tapping into the deepest and most current research we could find, from audio design experts and university academic teams.

If there is something our team needs to know but doesn’t, we find the person who does. If there is a technology our team needs but that doesn’t exist, we find the person who can create it.

The dream team concept proved itself in our very first products: the Caliburn turntable and Cobra tonearm. Both radically innovative, and both immediately praised as the best ever created.

Since those original products, our dream team has evolved to meet the needs of the future. New dream team members have added their own expertise, building on the efforts of the original team. And as Continuum Audio Labs creates new products, we’ll continue to add new members, who will push our products to levels of performance that, frankly, we can’t even imagine right now.


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