Massively Oversized Bearing

Massively Oversized Bearing

In the research we’ve conducted in our efforts to create the world’s finest turntables, we learned that the main bearing supporting the platter must not only be oversized—to spin smoothly while supporting the weight of the platter—it must also be “right-sized.” We seem to be among a small elite of turntable designers who recognize that the relationship of the size of the bearing to the size of the platter determines the resonance of the platter. Thus, we have sized the bearing so that all resonances are well below 10 Hz and thus have a negligible effect on Obsidian’s sound.

The bearing itself is a magnetically opposed design, but it does not float. This design reduces friction while maintaining a mechanical ground path that carries spurious vibrations away from the record and down into the base where they can be dissipated. It also keeps the platter vertically stable; maintaining mechanical contact does not permit the platter to wobble.

As in the arm suspension, the bearing benefits from the extraordinary density and natural damping properties of tungsten, which is used in the bearing ball and shaft. The tungsten components maximize transfer of torque from the motor to the platter while effectively eliminating bearing wear.

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