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Technical Details 

Now for the pivot technology. We recognise linear tracking is the ultimate solution but see some designs have issues with “crabbing” where the arm “wiggles” its way across the linear path in a series of short arcs.

Our choice was to use a jewel pivot as found in the finest of aircraft instruments, which offer the lowest friction possible via mechanical means.

Stabilisation is via outrigger pivot, which allows for precise azimuth adjustment.

VTA is adjustable on the fly using a 40TPI microscope fine pitch thread vertical adjustment mechanism.

Clamping is by a triangulated locking system which avoids the common problem of using a “grub” screw to tighten against a shaft, which leaves micro movement to blur the information processing.

The Cobra will accept cartridges of 4 grams to 20 grams (wide range to accept any cartridge currently available) weight by means of a mass loading counterweight that does not shift forward and aft.

It uses a simple weight addition or subtraction method to keep the effective mass at the optimum for the arm.

The Antiskate mechanism, which is currently undergoing patent application, represents a unique solution to the skating force problem, by increasing the anti-skating force from 8% (of VTF) at the inrun groove to 12% (of VTF) at the innermost groove.

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Technical Details
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