• Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

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  • Obsidian Turntable

    The Continuum Obsidian is the next evolution of turntable design.
  • Viper Tonearm

    The entire tonearm mechanism is designed for effortless, accurate adjustability.
  • Cobra Tonearm

    A complex shape and choice of materials demonstrates a departure from the norm in the available alternatives.
  • Copperhead Tonearm

    Named after a rare, highly venomous Australian snake, the Copperhead's design is musical.
  • Continuum LP

    The Art of Listening - Continuum Signoricci Vinyl, 45 rpm, 200g. Limited Edition 496 copies
  • Legacy: Caliburn Turntable

    Some may say that buying a turntable like this is an emotive choice not a rational decision,
    they also said the earth was flat.
  • Legacy: Criterion Turntable

    Stereophile Analog Product of the Year 2008: The Continuum Audio Labs Criterion Turntable and Copperhead Tonearm.

Owners Manuals

•  Caliburn Owners Manual

•  Cobra Owners Manual

•  Copperhead Owners Manual

Product Brochures

•  Caliburn Brochure

•  Criterion Brochure

•  Copperhead Brochure

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•  Stereophile

•  Signals One

•  Signals Two

Continuum LP

Continuum LP Brochure
Brochure from Continuum Audio Labs limited edition LP "The Art of Listening" in pdf format.

Continuum LP Box
Box and liner notes from Continuum Audio Labs limited edition LP "The Art of Listening" in pdf format.

Graphic Wallpaper

•  Caliburn / Cobra 1280 x 1024

•  Caliburn / Cobra 1600 x 1024



•  Criterion / Copperhead 1280 x 1024

•  Criterion / Copperhead 1600 x 1024




•  Caliburn / Cobra / Castellon 1280 x 1024

•  Caliburn / Cobra / Castellon 1600 x 1024




•  Cobra 1280 x 1024

•  Cobra 1600 x 1024


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